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We offer a variety of in-house activities and local excursions at Citrus Tree Villas. Guests are advised to book these activities one day in advance. Please inquire with our staff for prices and scheduling.

Visit the Stunning Ubud Palace / Puri Saren

  • This gorgeous palace is set in the center of Ubud, Bali with a traditional art market just in front of it. Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel who commanded from year 1800 – 1823 founded it.
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Pasar Ubud – The Traditional Ubud Market

  • Start your day shopping at the sprawling Pasar Ubud at Ubud's town center, and then explore the streets - Jalan Monkey Forest in particular is lined with boutiques selling up market...
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Coconut Leaf Craft Lesson – Canang Sari

  • Learn the art of making traditional Balinese offerings that are a traditional art and part of Balinese daily religious activities and dedicated to neutralizing energy for consistent equilibrium ..
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  • An ancient holistic exercise used to assist in aligning your mind, body and soul. The tranquility of the site enables one to practice yoga in deep concentration.
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Neka Museum

  • Visit the vast collections of Balinese and Indonesian art at the Neka Museum, Indonesia’s largest private museum. Museum entrance fee applies.
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Balinese Attire & Dance Lesson

  • Experience Balinese tradition in fashion and dance handed down through generations. Learn the basic movement of various Balinese dances, starting with the...
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Wood Carving

  • Try your hand to carving a wood block. You may find lots of inspiration to become a Balinese woodcarver.
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Rindik Lesson

  • Rindik is a Balinese traditional musical instrument made from bamboo, which is put lying down orderly. The sound comes from beating the bamboo by a small stick...
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Happy Walking Tour

  • Take a one or two hour scenic walking tour with on of our English-speaking Balinese guide through the rice paddies and streets of Ubud.
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Campuhan Ridge Walk – Ubud Village Tour

  • Bali has two major natural offerings - beaches and greenery. While the former are best experienced at Kuta and Nusa Dua, the latter is present in superlative...
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Village Tour

  • Watch hundreds of white herons fly back to their Petulu village tree roosts at twilight and enjoy the wonderful rice terraces in Ceking Village.
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Balinese Cooking Lesson

  • Join our talented local chef for a professional Balinese cooking class. You will discover two of his secret recipes and learn some tricks of the trade before...
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Cycling Activity

  • Explore the natural beauty of the local villages accompanied by our knowledgeable staff. Cycle through the rural countryside and down hidden village lanes as you..
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Balinese Dance Photo Memory

  • Capture the precious moments of your stay in Bali. Choose your favorite dance costume: Puspanjali, Legong, Baris, Margapati or Oleg Tambulilingan and take...
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Balinese Wedding Photo Memory

  • You may not have been married in Bali but you can still capture the lively memory. Get dressed as a Balinese bride and groom then smile for the camera.
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There are also a myriad of activities to partake in and sites to visit within the proximity of the centrally oriented Citrus Tree Villas. Below are listed just a few suggestions that are certain to appeal to family and adventurers alike and may be arranged through Citrus Tree Villas staff.

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